5 Unique Food Trends For You To Try This Summer - Kashmir
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    Yummy Chizzas

    Pizza delivery now has gone crazier and yummier. The perfect blend between a fried chicken and pizza seems to go viral in Asia. It is supposedly to hit Europe. Do not miss out this food from KFC. I bet you will love it.

    Bubble Waffles

    All waffle lovers brings the hyper creative combination of bubble wraps looking like wraps. This trendy dessert are better served with fruit toppings in a cone . Create your delicacies  with series of cookies, nutella, creams and chocolates.

    Tacos & tacos

    Summer days fill with this Mexican treatment can be a boon . Tacos can be spark at your table .

    Hawaiin Poke Bowls

    Poke Bowls are probably gonna hit hard in Europe this year. This Japanese influenced health essentials are economical and customizable too. You wont regret this filling and fresh lunch .

    Healthy Drinks

    Healthy fruity cordials and mocktails are new trends this summer. People are avoiding boozes as much as they can. Market gaps are refilled by healthy tonic waters with interesting flavors and botanical mixes.

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